Your reviews of the Mini House

Some of you have very kindly written some lovely things about the Mini House blog - comments which make me blush. And for these I thank you deeply.

That said, I'm not so humble that it has stopped me posting them here in a blatantly self promotional fashion with my enormous swell-head nodding in agreement as I cut and paste the text....

Thank you again.


"Lovely blog btw, another one to add to my bedtime reading."

"Love reading your posts, you are very creative."

"A fantastic miniaturing masterpiece. I thoroughly reccommend anyone have a read of it."

"I just want to say how much I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts (and your Blog!) Your sense of humour is great and always makes me laugh!"


  1. Hi. What a lovely blog. I especially enjoyed the sliding bolt project. Thanks. You asked for suggestions for the glass bulls eyes. The same texturing substance could be applied with a thin tube and a dot inside. I am living in Malaysia for a while and all my minis are in storage on the other side of the world. It is a joy to see minis in action to compensate for the lack of getting on with my new kit. I had to sell my rather large houses as the cost of international shipping in crates was so high..... so I'll breathe your fresh air for a while. Thanks

    1. Thank you Maz, I really appreciate your lovely comments and advice on the bulls eyes. I haven't posted for a while but I have been busy with the Mini House when I get a chance, so watch this space!