Tuesday, 22 January 2013

"Printer's Lead" roof flashing

One of the handy things about working at the family printing firm, especially one that has been in business for over 100 years, is that we have an old Victorian factory full of random bits and pieces that are no longer used in printing, but which can be put to good use on the Mini House.

Printer's Leads are just one such thing. They are strips of thin lead that were used in hand typesetting to space lettering.

My Father in law has a big box full of them, left over from the years when all typesetting was done without the aid of an iMac. He occasionally still uses them when we get a specialist order.

His box is considerably emptier since I discovered it...

They are easy to cut with a scalpel, and the thinnest ones are pliable enough to score and fold. They make perfect roof flashing. I'm sure I will find other uses for them as the Mini House Project continues. 

I was very happy the day I found them in the factory. Father in law, less so.

The lead flashing made from printer's "leads"

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  1. This lead flashing looks sooooo good Pearly Jones! Your father in law can take comfort in the fact that his contribution to your doll's house has become more than just a mere "Flash (ing) in the pan". I must Pinterest this!!!