Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Benders are back!

If you look up "Benders" on the internet you will find a disposable cup company who are unnaturally excited about the latest technology in insulated paper cups,  a not very good jazz band from Sydney who lasted for two whole years in the 1980's therefore suggesting they weren't very, er, jazzy... and a bunch of Battersea plumbers with a perspicacious take on their company name who drive from leak to leak in bubblegum pink vans.

And best of all, a family (like mine) of serial killers (not like mine) from Kansas called the "Bloody Benders", who owned an inn and a store in the 1800's, and who liked to knock off their paying guests and pop them under the floorboards never to be seen again.

Looking suspiciously like they have been on a "bender" of their own, the Bender tribe arrive at the Mini House,  to be met by the other members of the Bender Family who now inhabit No 1 Heatherside Corner
All this rather puts my own small family of Benders in the shade somewhat.

For those of you who didn't know, once I had started finding my childhood dolls house toys on the internet, I got a wee bit carried away. Not content with purchasing a Mrs Bender, I  went on to buy a Mr Bender, and literally as I was paying for him, my friend Diane spotted a whole family of Benders, exactly as mine had been, and so, you've guessed it, they were reeled in too.

It's more to do with seeing them again after all this time, as I have no real plans to install them in the Mini House (but don't tell them that).

None of them have done anything that I know of, of any note, in the 37 years they have been away. But that is of little or no consequence, as they are back where they belong.

It's good to see them again after all this time, even if they do look a little worse for wear. But that could be said of me these days too, so I can't hold that against them.

And I, at least, did not suffer having my feet repeatedly chewed, nor had my legs gleefully bent the wrong way so many times that eventually the wire popped out of the back of them.

So realistically, I had expected them to bear all the scars of rubber people who had been played with for several decades, by small enthusiastic children who have no concept of the polite way to play with folk smaller than you.

But I have to admit it did come of something of a surprise to find that Tommy and Sally Bender, the smallest members of the family, whom I spent my formative years bending into funny shapes,  now bear an uncanny resemblance to two people I rather admire as an adult, art critic Brian Sewell and comedienne Sandi Toksvig.

Oh God, does this mean that I have finally grown up? I do hope not....

"Sandi" and "Brian" sit on the stoop of the Mini House..... Seriously, Google them and tell me I'm wrong!


  1. Replies
    1. See what you helped start! I'm overrun with them! Hope yours are behaving themselves? He he he :o)

  2. OMG those are the dolls my dad bought me when he built my dollhouse, I still have/love them. Glad to see they are in another dollhouse dream

  3. I couldn't believe it myself when I first found them after all these years!