Sunday, 24 March 2013

Stop press: Bender Family Update!!

I have had a telegram from my good friend Diane, to tell me that Mr Bender has finally broken cover!!

Mr Bender looking decidedly worried 
about his future
Obviously spurred on by seeing the kids leave home, and his wife's new life - finding herself footloose and fancy free - he has decided to "come out" too.

Loosely disguised with a polka dot tie, a change of shirt, Oxford bags and some fairly heavy pencilled-in eyebrows (he was very fair and didn't have any when I was five years old).  He was spotted by eagle-eyed Diane, looking rather forlorn on eBay.

With two days to go before the auction closes, he may still sadly never arrive at the Mini House and will continue his adventures elsewhere, but it would be lovely to see him back in the fold, and so we have everything crossed here at No 1 Heatherside Corner for his safe return.  And that wasn't referring to his knees, which I promise never to bend at funny angles ever again.

I also remember chewing his little rubber feet first time round, and resolve not to do that either, if he does come home.

I haven't told Mrs Bender yet, that her errant husband has resurfaced and having obviously fallen on similar hard times, is selling himself on the internet.  Just in case we can hold a small rubbery reunion, if I'm lucky enough to win him back.


  1. Hope Mr Bender gets re-united with you and Mrs Bender. Will come back for an update.

    Sylvi x

  2. Thank you Sylvi! I'm really hoping he does come home. Mrs Bender will be beside herself, if he does.

  3. Glad I spotted him :). Maybe Mrs Bender doesn't want him back though, lol.


  4. Well, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it has been about 37 years so hopefully she'll be pleased to see him! And he has changed his shirt and trousers in that time, which is a bonus. Not sure Mr PJ would have made that much of an effort in that time, without prompting!