Monday, 18 February 2013

The Balcony (now) Seen

Having relegated the first attempt at a mini house for the Mini House, to a dark corner of my workbox, where out of sight is out of mind, and only dust bunnies lurk, I embarked upon the second version, with far more success.

But after sitting back to admire my efforts in a slightly self-satisfied manner, I became aware that something was missing. It still did not look quite like its big brother, the real Mini House.

The mini Mini House looked a wee bit naked. As if it had gone out in a rush and forgotten to put its trousers on.

The longer I stared at it, and the longer it stared back at me, blushing and trying to cover its modesty with a roofing slate, I realised, it really needed a balcony, and not just a suggestion of one.

So having discounted a number of small parts, such as mobile phone innards, an eyebrow comb, a cable tie, and other random detritus, in the search for something suitably spindle-like to customise as veranda rails, a final rummage through the drinks cabinet came up trumps.

Cocktail sticks! Ta dah!

A bit chunky perhaps. And probably too thick to let much light "through yonder window break", had it been attached to Chez Capulet, the house of Shakespeare's tragic balcony aficionado Juliet.

But it's not. It's attached to the mini Mini House.

And I don't care about the light, I'm never going to be on the inside, looking out.

Ready for its balcony scene...

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